Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Misguided Shopper Alert: VLAD the Retailer

My favorite store for nothing and everything is Vlad the Retailer on Melrose, just west of Heliotrope (Wait! Vlad moved to Heliotrope, see below). I'm not saying you should drop by there after Scoops, but really, there needs to be more to do on Heliotrope than Scoops and here is your golden opportunity to break free from the shackles of Brown Bread and Mayor Tai Kim.

I could ramble on about the benefits of Vlad but just go there and see for yourself...Vlad, himself, is uncommonly smart. He'll promise you anything you ask for and you'll most likely never get it but this is the land of false promises and Vlad is one of those business owners who doesn't run away when you ask a stupid question. He has art too...Most of it sucks but some of it is really good. Ask him to show you the soon-to-be-has-been Click Mort. His stuff is so good it hurts.

I love you Vlad.

Vlad The Retailer
704 Heliotrope Dr.
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 668-0177

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Black is Beautiful: Results

I just received word from Sophia Allison the piece she made for me is done and ready. This is part of her Art for $25 Project that I gleefully submitted to. I'm happy to report the reaction and participation to the project has been overwhelming. (There's even talk of an exhibit documenting the process.) All I know is I'm really excited to get my hands on this small wonder.