Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Jersey is for Lovers: Robert McCormack

Anyone know where Teaneck, NJ is? I have no idea, but I'm pretty sure it's sandwiched between Cheesequake and Nutley. Robert McCormack is somewhere in New Jersey but he should be in Hollywood, Southern California. He'd hate it here, but I'd have someone to have lunch with and make fun of the lame-ass, idiot actorers who inhabit this shittin' town. We'd go thrift shopping and read porn mags at Circus of Books. He'd take Scientology I.Q. tests while I look for has-been stars shopping for fashions at Ross Dress-For-Less.

Robert McCormack makes art that reminds me of the men my father used to drink with.  They lived on our block and were always drunk.  Their sons were mean dirt-bags and their daughters were lovely Breck girls who sat around putting mascara and rouge on while listening to the Eagles.  I remember one summer our neighbor's house burned down and one of the daughters cried 'cause all her makeup was destroyed in the fire.  I don't drink now but I can't help but feel tipsy when I look at Robert's stuff.  He makes a lot of work and it's all different and all good.  I like artists who don't care about every single thing looking all the same but who know what they're doing and are not afraid to reach out and bad touch you.

Robert has a art show at Blast Gallery in Teaneck.  Figure out how to get there.  I'm guessing you'd have to get on the New Jersey Transit and look for all the dirty birds getting off at Teaneck to attend his opening on June 4.  Buy something, dear, and send it to your grandma:

Nothing's Natural
June 4–July 5, 2011
Opening reception June 4, 6-9 pm

Friday, May 13, 2011

All About Small: Kim Tucker

I love Kim Tucker's work. She's prolific and a nice person and loves Dolly Parton and probably should be art-world famous by now and her studio is just up the street from me. I always imagine I'm going to visit her with cash in my pocket and I'll come home with a wicked little Kim Tucker. She always let's me over and I never have cash and I'm always knocked out by her heartbreaking sculptures. I love heartbreaking art so when I see it I get all funny. Kinda funny bad and funny good. Kim's work is totally funny good/funny bad. Funny good because they're fucking funny and funny bad because her outcast numskulls call out for hugs they're never gonna get.

When I was at her studio a couple of months back I spotted a little gem that almost made me cry. I've been thinking about it ever since. It's small and there's yellow . I don't even know the title.

Kim's having a show at L2Kontemporary in Chinatown May 28-June 25 called Loudmouth Ghosts and Reckless Sweethearts. There's a reception on Saturday May 28 from 7-10pm. Meet me there, ok? www.L2kontemporary.com

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Super Friend Blog #1: Craftivore

I love Craftivore. Not because it's my friend Misa Erder's blog...But...Wait...I do love it because it's Misa Erder's blog! I also love it because for about a week, 3 years ago, I thought I could knit. I bought needles, some yarn and called a friend to teach me. She graciously sat down for about an hour and did her best Annie Sullivan to my Helen Keller. Me and knitting lasted about...One hour. My brain could not grasp whatever it was I thought would be the easiest thing in the world.

Misa and I shared a studio in the Meatpacking District of New York Fuckin' City a few years back when that area stunk of many things, differently than what it stinks of now. We sure had fun and Misa made some crazy sculptures she would cut, sew, hang and scatter around her little cubicle space.

Craftivore is the perfect blog for the closet knitter. I'll never knit and I'm ok with that. When I want to see what Misa is doing, I visit her blog and it makes me happy to know she's making great creations and seriously loving it. She sure is talented. I also love how she hangs her creations on bushes to take pictures. I wish I lived in a place that required fingerless winter gloves or Joseph Albers scarves.