Friday, October 14, 2011

ShoeboxLA in the EastsiderLA

Sculpture by Kim Tucker

Art show rolls into Eagle Rock bowling alley

Friday, October 14, 2011

By Becky Koppenhaver

Pop-up art gallery Shoebox L.A. will present the sculpture of  Kim Tucker this Saturday, Oct. 15 for a three-hour long exhibit at All Star Lanes bowling alley in Eagle Rock. Not used to going to a bowling alley to view art?  Shoebox L.A. seeks to challenge the traditional expectations of what a gallery is. Founders Paul W. Evans and Sophia Allison say they are drawn to spaces that “are not spaces one would initially connect with art.” and have room for their portable gallery, a box with moveable walls that is barely big enough (24”x18”x8”) to hold a few pairs of bowling shoes.

“Both Shoebox and Kim love All Star Lanes,” said Evans, referring to the Eagle Rock bowling center that has hosted numerous bands. “We also try to focus on places that people may not know of or have maybe gotten off the radar.  And then we hope business owners will allow us three hours of viewing time.”
What will be tucked into the Shoebox gallery on Saturday? Here are the details about the Kim Tucker: Unquiet Slumber show:
Tucker’s Unquiet Slumber is a sculptural expedition into the wild and woolly world of the unconscious. Hidden desires, complications, filtered memories and primal impulses mix together in the bold world of the inner mind. Within the exhibition, a central female figure represents the human experience as all and nothing. She is the imperfect Eden where impulses prevail and thoughts run freely. The surrounding figures are manifestations of her unfettered mind, primal creatures, pitiful ghosts and human dummies. Unquiet Slumber is a challenge to the rules and boundaries of the conscious world; it is simply a place where the mind can freely experience impulse and wild abandon.
Shoebox L.A. last show was at the Little Tokyo Galleria. “It was great fun and the artist did work that was inspired by mall architecture,” Evans said.